FACT: Your API Terms are Fair, Transparent and Trustworthy. It’s a FACT.

The FACT (FAIR API Commitment to Trust) licence is a customizable contract that expands upon traditional API Terms of Service (ToS). Its purpose is to promote API usage and allow API Users to develop interoperable products. By using a standardized set of contracts that are widely accepted as safe by the community, the Core API Provider and API Users can reduce transaction costs. The licence also aims to raise awareness among parties of key licensing issues that need to be addressed. The FACT Licence helps companies create a clear, legally-binding framework that encourages the creation of high-value, interoperable products and services that can be shared across a trustworthy, safe, and sane digital infrastructure ecosystem. The FACT Licence outlines and legally enforces the main commitments voluntarily agreed to by the Core API providers or by the Users as a counterpart to the use of this API.

The FACT Wizard below will allow you to customize the FACT Licence to your needs. You can:

Consent to the 2 standard conditions

of the licence (fair use policy and loyal change policy) that form the foundation of a reliable agreement between an API Core Provider and API User.

Select different options

for five conditions (API access, API specifications, Ethical data policy, Loyal output policy, and Reference and attribution).

Receive a License and Customizable Appendix

which allows you to further list specific documents relevant to your API (including Commercial API specifications, API contractual commitments, Trademark policy, and Open data contract).



A fair use policy

For the purpose of securing and maintaining the availability and quality of the API and the API content, the Core API Provider asks the API User to adhere to some instructions regarding caching, storing, copying and updating the API content, as set out in the Technical Documentation.


A fair loyal change policy

The Core API Provider is dedicated to ensuring that its Change Policy is fair, that any changes are transparent and protect the interests of the User’s API (by including sufficient time notice, documentation of change, justification and notice period for revocation).

Do you agree with these above two default conditions for your API Terms of Service Licence?

API access: what are the conditions to access your API ?

I agree with:

API specifications: what are the conditions to access and reuse the API specification?

I agree with:

Ethical data policy: what are the conditions to reuse the data exposed via the API?

I agree with:

Loyal output policy: What are the conditions to use/reuse the outputs from API usage?

I agree with:

Reference and attribution: What are the conditions to cite data and services enabled via the API?

I agree with:

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API Terms of Service : FACT - Digital Infrastructure Grants - 2023