API Terms of Service : towards trustworthy and sustainable APIs ecosystem

"I have read the API Terms of Service" is the biggest lie of the programmable web.
  To increase trust, openness and safety in Digital Infrastructure, we evaluate the opportunity to adopt a new framework to make API ToS easily understandable, shareable to users.

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API Terms of Service is a contract that must be more easily readable and shareable

Can we use this API safely in the long term is a difficult question to answer in the Digital world we live in, Most of the time, companies discover that their API access has been revoked when users complain their app does not work anymore. Or sometime breaking change occurs without notice. Sometimes it is the pricing options or other clauses that actually can break your app because you did not read in depth the API Terms of service. We intend to build a framework making API Terms of service easily shareable and understandable, for a saner and safer digital infrastructure.

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APITos CC project is part of Ford Foundation Grant for Open Digital Infrastructure

Towards 13 projects, apitos-cc is funded by Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Mozilla Foundation to make Digital Infrastructure more open, safe and trustwortthy

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Our latest public appearances

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Our talk at API Specification conference

Our talk at APIdays Paris Conference : Open API Standards

Our Talk at European Commission workshop on API Terms of Services


I never read API Terms of service, even if I should. It's too complex. When I hear about, it it is too late as my API access has already been revoked, or my API integration is already broken.

A developer, 2022

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